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Design for Kids by afilii @ Ventura Lambrate

di Little Fairy Project on 12 May 2017

This year’s Milan Design Week was simply amazing! We witnessed a true eruption of creativity, ideas, positive energy and great interiors and furniture.

We were especially excited to get to know some new brands, their products and rich experience, So you can imagine our joy when we came across afilii’s exhibition “Design for kids” which featured 14 international designers of toys, accessories and children’s furniture.

For those of you unfamiliar with afilii, it is a platform which concentrates chiefly on design and architecture for kids and is an independent reference guide to selected toys, accessories and furniture for children, with a strong focus on high quality, original design and sustainability.

We were definitely impressed by afilii’s exhibition, both as professionals and parents, by their innovative designers and by the impact their design, toys and prototypes can have on kids' development and education.

So, here are our favourite exhibitors:

#1. Chantal Bavaud is a Swiss product Designer who presented a fantastic toy made entirely of wood. Nanuu is an incredibly versatile toy: at the same time it can be a pirate ship, a swing, a carriage, a cave, or any other object your child could think of. Honestly, with Nanuu, limits to your child’s game do not exist.

nanuu swing nanuu swing

#2. Jasmin Gröschl presented us her Dollhouse for kids. In case you have no room for a classic Victorian or your grandmother dollhouse, or it simply isn't your style, Jasmin’s amazing product is a great solution. Not only it will simply overwhelm you with its minimalist and awesome design, but also with its infinite playing options! You will love that its form allows your kids to change the house concept as many times they like!

Jasmin Groschl dollhouse Jasmin Groschl dollhouse

#3. NOOOK is a fantastic new way in which kids can create and build their play space. It represents a set of heavy-duty cardboard, which can be folded in the centre to create an edge and slotted together to produce surfaces, thus making it possible to create any shape your child wishes. Unlike LEGO, from which it takes inspiration, NOOOK’s pieces are quite large, which makes it a whole lot easier for kids to imagine and create forms like house, shelter or anything else they come up with.

noook constructions for kids

#4. Phim. Have you ever dreamed of constructing a car? Making it for or even with your little one? Well, with Phim you can actually do it! And, what’s even more amazing, it looks fairly simple. It will be a delightful activity for the whole family and your little one will be happier than ever. Visit their webpage and see how you can get it.

phim car for kids phim car for kids phim car for kids

#5. Trigonos is one of those brands we, as parents, fall in love immediately… Not only because it is fun and you know your child will spend hours and hours playing with, but also because it is incredibly educational! Thus, by playing with 1, 2 and 3-dimension shapes kids can learn some basic geometry, mathematics and physics on their own. While your child is joining sticks and blocks in order to create structures, he/she is also getting familiar with and learning concepts like proportions, distances and volumes. Check out their webpage and find the right toy for your future architect or engineer!

trigonos structures for kids trigonos structures for kids

#6. Pineau & Le Porcher presented two of their fabulous products for kids: Plantoys table and chair and Plantoys for water play. Table and chair set are super cute… Table whose top is made of chalkboard and the chair which respects entirely your little one’s phisique would definitely be a wonderful addition to your kids’ room design. Plantoys for water play are something we would love to have in our kids’ bathrooms! Their compact rubberwood construction make them an essential addition to your little one’s bath time.

plantoys table and chair plantoys watertoys

For more exciting, intelligent and forward-thinking design go to afilii.com. Trust us, you will love it!