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How to design a Shared Room for Boys

di Little Fairy Project on 11 Sep 2017

Designing a shared kids room is always a challenge. Whether you are a parent of two, three or more boys, the basic guideline is always the same: you have to put together all their personal tastes and interests.

First thing to do is, as always, to pick a theme. When we talk to our clients, we always recommend picking a more generic or a so-called, evergreen theme, something your boys will be interested in for a long time. If you think about it, the choice is quite broad, it can be anything, from sports to science, from travels to space. Choosing a more generic theme gives you the always opportunity to enrich and refresh your design with some new details.

peter pan themed shared room for boys sports themed shared room for boys spiderman themed shared room for boys world map themed shared room for boys

One of the main dilemmas in a shared room is absolutely bed positioning. Depending on the size of your room and design there are a few options.
#1. Facing beds

facing beds shared room for boys

#2. Corner beds

corner beds shared room for boys

#3. Parallel beds

shared room for boys sledge

#4. Side-by-side beds

side by side beds shared room for boys

#5. Bunk beds

bunk beds shared room for boys

Even though we are talking about shared room design, it is always important to give each child his own space. This also has certain educational advantages, because this way your children will be given certain sense of responsibility and will be in charge of keeping their part of the room clean.

personal space shared room for boys

Designing a common area is always one of the best parts of design. Create an area for playing, reading, doing homework, listening to music, receiving friends. Your boys will surely be happy to contribute with their ideas and suggestions!

study space shared room for boys

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