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Lego inspired kids' rooms

di Little Fairy Project il 26 Mar 2017

Our faithful reader, Laura, is a mum of a 6 year old boy who absolutely adores playing with Lego. He’s been passionate about it for quite some time now…
Laura got in touch with us with some questions regarding organisation of her son’s numerous Lego sets, as well as some issues concerning Lego inspired decoration and personalisation of Davide’s room.
So, we are sharing with you with some ideas and inspiration for designing a Lego inspired room.

nastro nimuno loops

Latest news from the Lego world is definitely the revolutuonary Lego compatible tape, Nimuno Loops, which gives you the ability to start building on any surface the tape sticks to and make some amazing creations and "out of the box" games.

contenitori porta giochi logo

An absolute must in a Lego inspired room are surely Lego boxes for toy storage, which recreate Lego blocks. They are beautiful, colourful and modular. You can find them on the market in vivid and strong coloure, as well as pastel tones.

orologio lego

Lego inspired room can not be imagined without a Lego digital clock. There are a lot of types on the market, for different tastes and interests, from those portraying Super heroes to those dedicated to Star wars characters.

tavolo gioco lego

If you have enough space in your room, you can also design a Lego table with storage for Lego blocks. Kids love it! There's a special table dedicated entirely to thier Legos.

wall stickers lego

And of course, you can not go without Lego wall stickers. With their colourful and playful nature they will add an extra fun to your space.

Complete Lego project of your room, on the other hand, will help you create a harmonius and uniform environment, designed especially for your child, his age and interests.
We have chosen for you different Lego inspired rooms, that can show you how, by playing with colours and styles, a room design, based on a same theme, can vary from client to client.

lego pastel kids' room

In this pastel nursery, a warm space for a small baby, the colour tones of a Lego closet can also be found in play and relax area.

lego wood room

Eclectic style of this amazing room unites natural wood in the walls, Lego inspiration in furniture and mild colours and gives a refined touch to a kids' room. We love this Lego inpired bed with built-in storage containers.

mobili lego

Vivid and bright colours are true stars of this room, while Lego inspired pieces of furniture and their position seem to recreate a Lego composition. Entire space is well organized, dedicated completely to its user.

lego grey room

Lego containers give a touch of colour to this serene and calm room, where grey colour and minimalistic style play the leading role. Amazing space beneath the bunk beds is completely dedicated to storage and study, thus making it possible to have a big play area in the rest of the room.

lego red room

We absolutely love this design! Big white wall and floor surfaces are completed with strong colours, particularly the shining red. And what can we say about this red industrial pendant?! Every single detail in this space screams fun and joy.

Contact us if you too want a special and unique room for your little one!