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5 ways to organize your child's room

di Little Fairy Project on 05 Dec 2017

Children's room is one of the most disordered spaces in the house. How many times have you preferred to close the door and turn away your head from a disaster of games, clothes, books and crafts, instead of drastically tackling the problem? how to organize your room
Here are five simple rules for an organized room:

#1. Involve the kids.Teaching children to organize their own space and objects from young age is a skill that can only pay off in the future. So, instead of tiding up their place or settling everything when they are out of the house, involve them as much as possible.
When you think about re-arranging their room, don’t forget about your little ones ... They can help choose which games to throw away, arrange school materials, label and assign a place for everything. They will also find it particularly useful in a “Mummy, I am looking for…” situations”. They will be able to find most things by themselves.

#2. Step by step. Small actions.Try not to be generic but divide your work into various steps. For kids, it will be easier to acquire an organization method and reordering will be more fun!!! Instead of simply saying ‘Order your room', it will be more useful to explain the various steps of the process.

#3. Find your method.In order to declutter and organize space, everyone has their own method. If you continue to postpone the day to reorder the games, here are some practical advice:
- begin with creating disorder, dropping the contents of the toys’ boxes on the floor, divide games by category and create a pile for games to be donated
- sort everything by categories, in containers of various sizes. I personally prefer transparent boxes with a lid so that I can see their content immediately. Boxes with wheels are also great for quick and easy moving from one room to anothe.
- label the containers for a better result

#4. Everything has its own place.Each object should have a place to be put when not used. If you want your kids to be able to rearrange, try to make games containers as accessible as possible.

#5. Make the most of your space.You will never have enough space in your child’s room. Therefore, try to use it well and to make the most of it: under the bed you can store the train track; a free wall can be fitted with shelves to store soft toys, photos and memories.

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