5 Apr 2016

Fairytale Winter Weekend: Sottoguda

What can I say, we love Winter and we love the Alps! So when a couple of our Spanish friends said that they were coming to Italy for a skiing weekend, we were very happy to change our cozy house and familiar ski slopes in Ponte di Legno for a different scenery ...

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18 Mar 2016

California on the Road: from Silicon Valley to Monterey

When I think of the most amazing family trip ever, I always think of the one we’ve done in California two years ago. Destination was packed with adventure and natural beauties and all three of us, my husband, our, then, three and a half year old boy, ...

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15 Dec 2015

Family Friendly Photo Studio

My all time favourite type of photos are Christmas photos! They are so lovely, so festive and they make a wonderful memory for the years to come. No wonder that, for the second year in a row, we decided to do our Family Christmas photoshoot. I don’t know many photographers in Milan. ...

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12 Oct 2015

Family Friendly Place: EXPO Milano 2015

Let’s get one thing clear at the beginning. This post is highly subjective and I understand that some of you who have visited EXPO in Milan this year wouldn’t agree that it is a “Family friendly place”, but let me explain why for me and my family it really ...

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10 Oct 2015

Kids Friendly Cooking Course at Eataly Smeraldo

I love cooking and my family loves good food. So it has been a matter of days when I will enroll my 4 year old into a cooking class. About a month ago, I accidently came across this fantastic course in Eataly Smeraldo ...

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1 Sep 2015

Family Friendly Resorts in Italy: Robinson Club Apulia

We’ve been living in Italy for over two years now. Way too little to know all the marvelous places this country has to offer… Planning our last year’s August vacation was really stressful, at least for me. With our three year old, very active son and our recently born baby girl, ...

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1 Mar 2015

Family Friendly Hotels in Italy: Cavallino Bianco, Ortisei

From the moment you step into this hotel, you will know you’ve made the right choice. Located in a wonderful village of Ortisei, surrounded by Dolomites, Cavallino Bianco is situated right next to ski lifts, thus offering parents an amazing opportunity to ski very close by. ...

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