10 Tips for visiting Disneyland Paris

by Little Fairy Project on 30 Sep 2016

So, you’ve decide to visit Disneyland Paris with your little ones? You’re still planning and don’t know what to expect? Here are some suggestions that can make your planning process and the visit easier and more comfortable.

#1 Visit EuroDisney webpage. Before doing anything, visit the official Disneyland Paris page. Possibility that you will come across some amazing offer for the period of your visit is very high and the price difference can mean a big deal to your budget. For instance, when we started planning our visit in May 2016, we came across an offer for this Summer’s visits: 20% discount and full-board included in the price.

#2 Food-Plan. Make sure half-board or full board are included in your reservation. Food inside the park is expensive, so having your lunch or/and dinner included in your reservation will make a big difference.

#3 For your trip, pack lightly. Just think of all the things that you’ll probably have to bring back. All your purchases, small memories, photos… Make sure you have some extra space in your luggage before you actually arrive at the park, ‘cause it’e most probable that you will fill it upon your return.

Once you're there:
#4 If you’re staying in one of the Disneyland Resort hotels, you can enter the park at 8AM. Not all the attractions will be open, but you will have whole two hours to enjoy some of those that during the day get very crowded ( Like Dumbo the Flying Elephant or Le Carrousel de Lancelot). Also, the park is half empty this time of day, so you can also make some fabulous photos!


#5 Go light inside the park. Don’t carry too many stuff, just the essentials: a sun cream, a bottle of water, a couple of snacks and change of clothes for your kids. The day is long, save your energy!
#6 Rent a stroller on site. if you’re not crazy about the idea of travelling with the stroller, no problem, you can rent it on site. Disneyland offers you the possibility to rent a wonderful, classic stroller for the entire duration of your visit. Prices are affordable and all the strollers get their own name tag, so you can’t loose it.


#6 Get the Fast-pass tickets! Fast-pass tickets are passes that make it possible for you to enter attractions without cuing. If you're staying in the Disneyland Hotel or you’re a VIP guest of the New York Hotel (staying in one of the suites) you’ll have a fast-pass for the entire park included in your ticket. If not, you’re gonna have to visit the Fast-Pass machines placed at the entrance of attraction and take the ticket for the wanted period of time. When we visited Disneyland Paris three years ago, it was possible to buy the Fast-pass ticket for the entire park. That is no longer an option. If you wish to skip the cue, you’ll need to get the Fast-pass at the machines.


#8 Get the Disneyland Paris App. This app was fundamental for our visit. It gives you the map of all the Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios attractions with their estimated wait times, position of all the restaurants and timetables of all the parades and extra events. It is completely free, so don’t forget to download it. It will really help you organise your visit well.


#9 Have lunch/ or dinner with Disney characters. Lines to take the photos with your little ones’ favourite characters inside the park can be quite long. For instance, we wanted to do a photo of Lara with Minnie Mouse inside the park but honestly, it seemed impossible! every time we would pass by the Minnie Mouse Photo site there would always be at least a 90 min cue! At the end, we decided to make a reservation for breakfast at Mickey Caffe and start our day with Disney characters. It was amazing, the kids loved it and eventually we managed to take photos of numerous characters, Minnie included.

photo photo

#10 Have fun! Disneyland magic exists only in Disneyland, so don’t forget to enjoy every moment of it!