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Come arredare una Cameretta in stile Montessoriano

di Little Fairy Project il 30 Giu 2016

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I have to admit, it wasn’t until recently that I became interested in Montessori inspired kids’ rooms. From that moment on, I have tried to understand her work in infants’ area and implement it in the room design as much as possible.
So here I give you a couple of guidelines to follow when designing a Montessori Room.
#1. Make the space as baby-proofed as much as possible. Your child should be able to move around the room and explore freely and safely.
#2. De-clutter
Montessori Room encourages simplicity. Get rid of all unnecessary toys and bulky furniture. Your child should be able to move around the room freely.
#3. Floor Bed
Definitely, one of the first steps is to remove the crib from the room and install a floor bed. Once more, you child should be totally independent in his/her room, so climbing on and getting out of bed without and help is one of the crucial points.


#4. Wall-mirror and pull-up hand rail
This is definitely one of my favourite details in a Montessori room and I am so sorry I did not discover it when my kids were babies. They are two amazingly simple pieces of furniture but with incredible benefits for the child. The wall mirror gives the baby opportunity to study his/her own reflection and movements; gives him/her another perspective to the room; encouragement to lift the head, especially during the tummy time. On the other hand, pull-up hand rail gives that essential support during the “pulling-up” period and provides, once again, sense of independence while he/she is lifting up.


#5. Shelves
Storage units should be at toddler-level. Your child should be able to reach all the toys and books without any help. At first, try showcasing one toy on each shelf. That way, the child will have enough choices of what to play with, but not to many. He/she will also learn all about the position of the toys in the room. Do the same with books. Do everything so that your child has no difficulties in finding his favourite past-time.


#6. Chairs and tables
Creating a toddler friendly workspace is of vital importance. It must be difficult being so small in an adult world. That’s why you should create a toddler size workspace. It couldn’t be any simpler. Just add a small chair and a table and your done. Your child will be so happy!


Finally, we give you some of the rooms we found particularly cute.

room room room room room

Have fun Montessori Designing!