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How to Design your Nursery: Choose your Nursery Theme

by Little Fairy Project on 31 May 2017

Our first post on How to design your Nursery gave you the most important directions in process of your Nursery Design. By now and, we hope, with help of our Nursery planning set, you have resolved some important issues, like your budget, furniture distribution and basic concept.

Now is the time to choose your Nursery theme… Choosing a theme is a beautiful and incredibly inspiring process that sometimes can be overwhelming. This is especially the case if you have never thought about your baby room before and all of a sudden you are exposed to a world of ideas and inspiration. Don’t panic, we are here to help you.

Tip no. 1. You Nursery theme doesn’t have to match the rest of your house. Maybe you are a fan of minimalism, but that does not mean that your nursery has to be designed in the same manner. Your nursery should be your dream room, it is the happiest place of your house. Free your imagination!

Tip no. 2. Make sure you choose a theme that you will like and can see yourself being found of for years. Don’t choose a theme that is based on something your child might like in the future. At this point you can not possibly know what your child’s interests will be. So we recommend something broad, like animals, travels, music or architecture or something very specific, like ballet.

animal inspired nursery theme ballet inspired nursery

Tip no. 3. Items that should depict your theme should be smaller or easily removable. In the first case, think of some small pieces of decor and in the second, about interesting posters, wallpaper or murals. DON’T choose and buy a theme based furniture. We know, there are some pieces that are absolutely adorable, but they are usually quite expensive and not very functional. Which brings us to:

travel inspired nursery theme music inspired nursery theme travel inspired nursery theme

Tip no. 4. When it comes to furniture, again, keep it simple, “less is more”. It will be easier to pass it on and re-use it once your little one has grown out of it. Let other elements of your Design tell the story.

Tip no. 5. Think out of the box. Your Nursery theme can be entirely abstract and can be completely realistic. It doesn’t have to be any typical child or baby theme. We like classic and vintage for girls and minimalistic and colourful themes for boys.

Check out our gallery!

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to consult your budget and your nursery checklist . At the end, Nursery theme is a very important part of the design process and planning everything well will help you achieve that magical design you want for your little one.

Next time, we will help you in choosing you dominant interior colours!

Wink, wink! Contact us if you need any help!

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