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How to Design your Nursery:
Getting Started + Free Gifts!

by Little Fairy Project on 02 Apr 2017

First steps in designing are always the most difficult ones. If you have decided to design your nursery relying completely on your own abilities and ideas, but still don’t feel very confident, don’t worry, we are here to help you!

Remember one thing though: this is the phase when you’re supposed to have most fun. Visit furniture shops, search online for different inspiration, read magazines, order some catalogues…

Until you know the gender, or until you’re about 25 weeks pregnant, you don’t really have to buy anything. Just enjoy this period, while our “How-to Design your Nursery” series, the checklist and graph paper help you through all the steps of this amazing and important process.



As we said, look around for the inspiration, whether it is Pinterest, online blogs, magazines and photos, design books, furniture shops. Talk to your partner, family and friends about their ideas. Remember to keep everything organised. Make an excel file or use an online service, like Pinterest or Evernote to organise the things you like. Keep your ideas in order and your job will be simple.

Next, use our graph paper to draw a plan. Use the scale of the paper (remember: 1 square = 30 cm), find the exact dimensions of the furniture you like and sketch them or draw them with the ruler to be even more precise. This process will definitely help you determine how much space you actually have in your nursery and if you will need any custom-made furniture.

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nursery-checklist and plan

Then, establish your budget. Set the budget your are comfortable with, one that will allow you get everything you’ve planned, but not make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. And that is where our CHECKLIST comes in. It will help you project all the costs and make a solid plan of your expenses.

What will your budget include? Furniture and decor, their shipment costs and assembly; essential interior design works, like wall painting, wallpaper applying and electrical works, like light fixtures installing.

Take a deep breath… Decide what piece of furniture is an absolute must, which one will be your “core” piece (the one whose design will inspire the entire room) and which ones will be those you would be willing to give up and exchange for a cheaper version if the budget gets tight. Once again, put it all in your checklist and wait for the next step.

or around 25 weeks into pregnancy

This is the perfect time to chose just one of all those nursery themes that you’ve been thinking about for the last few weeks. Think well and be sure of your choice. It will direct the entire process of your design. In our next post we will be proposing and analysing some of the baby themes for you. So don’t miss it!

You can now purchase the crib and all the large pieces (closets, drawers, changing table). “Why this early?” You might ask. Well, it is quite possible that your store will not be able to deliver you the items immediately. Of course, if your list includes some IKEA products, it is almost certain you will come back home with your item the same day, so no rush there. But, if not, make sure you make your order in advance.

Buy your “core” item. Remember, it is the item which inspires the design of your entire room. It can be anything from lamp, painting, small piece of decor, to carpet or curtains. If it is something you really like, you really relate to and you’ve pictured it in your baby room, you should buy it this early simply to avoid the risk of remaining without it. If you want something, don’t wait!

Alright guys… I hope this “getting started” content and all the goodies we’ve prepared for you have set you on right track. Coming up Next: “Choose your nursery theme”!

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