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Top 12 kids' room design trends for 2018

by Little Fairy Project on 28 Jan 2018

New Year- new kids room trends. Year 2018 is bringing us a lot of news in the kids room design . And a fantastic news they are!
So, if you are designing or redesigning your nursery or your kids’ room, you should definitely read this post. It is full of hints and inspiration, and trust us, it will be your closest ally during the design process.
Here’s our list of this year top trends:

#1. Colour of the year: PURPLE

Pantone has once again announced their colour of the year and this time it is Ultra Violet. So, this year we expect to see lots of lavender and soft purple tones along side the classic pastel ones.

purple pantone color of the year

#2. Scandinavian design

It seems as if the minimalism of Scandinavian design has never got out of style, and yet, here it is again as the star of kids rooms. We love its clean lines and wooden furniture, especially cribs and bunk beds. It makes us feel light and uncluttered.

scandinavian kids rooms

#3. Dots and pom-poms

Just yesterday I did some shopping for my little girl and every second piece of clothing had pom-poms or pois on it! So there is no doubt about it, dots simply have to find their place in your design this year!

dots and pom poms kids room design trends

#4. Graceful birds.

Yes, you read well, not ALL birds, graceful birds: pink flamingos, white swans and colourful peacocks. Their elegance and grace will give that fairytale touch to your little ones’ room.

birds kids room design trends birds kids room design trends

#5. Nursery nook inside master bedroom

After years of “separate the baby from the beginning” philosophy, little ones are back in the master bedroom. At least for the first few weeks. Make that baby nook the most stylish room corner of your home.

nursery nook inside master bedroom

#6. Velvet

It could be the another “royal wedding” fever… Whatever it is, velvet is one of the trendiest materials this year. And we love it. On the furniture, pillows or bumpers. Your little ones’ room will be super elegant!

velvet kids room design trends

#7. Letter boards

Leave a message to your little one. They will love it and we are sure it will make a wonderful piece of decor in your child’s room.

letterboards kids room design trends

#8. Bedside cribs

This one is very connected to number 5! Many mothers are choosing these cribs. They’re comfortable and functional and some mums say that, during the first few months, they have made a huge difference during the long nights with their newly arrived baby. For more details, check out our previous post on this topic.

bedside crib kids room design trends

#9. Playful walls

Whether you are using wall-paint, wall paper or murals, make sure you use them as creatively as possible. This year, walls should be a super star of your kids’ room.

wall decoration kids room design trends

#10. Statement and playful bedding sets

Move over throw pillows. Bedding sets and crib sheets of all colours and designs are making a come back! They can make a huge difference to your decor and give so much life to your room.

bedding kids room design trends

#11. Bears

Looks like bunnies will have to make room for bears. This year they will be a true star of the kids design: on the walls, carpets, bedding sets and pillows, this amazing animal will be everywhere. So what are you waiting for ? Get your little one a bear!

bears kids room design trends

#12. Hand written wall signs

We are true fans of these. Hand written wall signs are very personal, suitable for encouraging and optimistic messages and they will make a wonderful addition to your child’s room decor. There are also a lot of DIY projects regarding the wall signs on Pinterest, so we are sure you will find your favourite design in no time.

hand written signs kids room design trends

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