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How to give your child's room a new look with throw pillows

by Little Fairy Project on 13 Sep 2017

We guess you are back from your Summer holidays and you are most probably thinking about refreshing your home and your kids room. If your budget is tight, you can always try giving your kids’ room or nursery a new look by simply adding some new pieces of decor and changing existing ones, like for instance throw pillows.
So here are a few tips for giving your child's space a makeover with throw pillows.

#1. Pillow size and shapes. Choose different pillow sizes and shapes for your new design. You can combine different geometric or geometric shapes with abstract. Remember, you new pillows don’t have to match your existing design, but they have to be in coordination with it.

#2. Color scheme. Look around your room and find a colour which you believe could make that extra difference in your room interior. Remember that core item we wrote about in How to Design your Nursery: Getting started? Well, try pulling some new colours from there!

#3. Mix colours. Always remember to mix colours. We always recommend having a neutral base and adding a few colourful pillows. The contrast they create will give that extra look to your room.

#4. Pattern and texture. Just like in case of colours, play with textures and patterns.

#5. DIY pillows. Have you considered making your own pillows? That way your little one could have a uniquely designed throw pillow. Trust us, you don’t have to be a pro to do that and we sure your child will adore it.

For some inspiration, check out our gallery!

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