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Top ten Nursery Design trends for 2017

by Little Fairy Project on 12 Jan 2017

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We loved the kids’ room design in 2016! It was amazing, interesting and innovative and incredibly inspirational.
So as you are silently getting into our everyday after-holiday routine, we have prepared our prediction-post on top 10 design trends for kids’ rooms and nurseries.

#1. And the Colour of 2017 is....
... Greenery, according to Pantone. While last year was all about pastel tones, this year is all about nature and its amazing colours. Greenery to start with. It is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. New beginning... Is there a better tone for your nursery?


#2. Flowers everywhere!
This year flower elements will definitely be BIG! Everywhere! From walls as wallpaper or decorations, room textile to crib mobile and illumination.

flowers flower flower

#3. Mother Nature as part of design
You already know that we simply adore natural elements and raw wood in the interior, so you can imagine how happy we all were once we realised it has actually become one of the top 2017 trends?!

wood wood

#4. Bunnies
Nature can not possibly go without animals, bunnies in particular. This year, neither should your nursery!


#5. DIY
Do-it-yourself has been a huge hit for a while and it will certainly continue to be a big trend this year. Whether you’re a fan of wall decorations or mobiles, you DIY design will certainly be appreciated.

mobile mobile

#6. Nursery that does not actually look like a nursery.
Yes, you read well. This year, nursery will have a somewhat sober design. Simple, sophisticated and elegant. If possible, it can also become a part of integrated home layout idea, merged with your bedroom or even living room and divided from it with a piece of furniture , a curtain, or a sliding door.

nursery nursery

#7. Crib as a piece of design
We love cribs that make a design statement! Make sure your nursery has one too.

crib crib crib

#8. Room as a painting.
Watercolours have been an important part of the nursery design for quite some time, but this year they will become bolder. From wall murals and wall decals, to paintings, watercolours will definitely make big difference in your nursery design.

wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper

#9. Let the adventure begin…
Just like last year, adventure theme will be a big trend in interior design, especially when it comes to gender neutral nurseries. Think of travels, mountains and sea and we are sure you will be more than inspired!

room room room

#10. Rose gold from 2016 = Rosy in 2017
Baby decor for girls has just become much rosier than it has been in 2016. When it comes to little girls’ nurseries, rose will definitely be the colour to consider.

room room room