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We picked: Top 5 Cradles

by Little Fairy Project on 13 Nov 2017

Becoming a parent is a big and important task. Most of you have already been warned about those sleepless nights and have been overwhelmed by the number of advice given to you. So let us give you one advice as well: when it comes to your baby, whatever you do, we are sure, you’re doing your best. Do whatever works for you and your little one and you’re going to be just fine.

On that way to “fine”, make sure you choose a right crib or a cot as your base for establishing a successful bedtime routine as early as possible. There are many options out there, it all comes down to your needs, taste and budget. Here we give you what we believe are top five cradles on the market at the moment.

#1. Lil Gea

Eco-conscious parents will love this bassinet. Lil Gea's Rocking Cradle is lightweight and smart and allows moms to carry it around the house. It has also an option for locking in a certain position to stop rocking once your baby has fallen asleep and for placing the mattress in an angle for colic babies. Suitable for babies aged up to four months.

cradle cradle

#2. SnuzPod2 Bedside Crib 3 in 1 Natural

SnuzPod2 is an amazingly stylish bedside crib ideal for newborns and especially helpful to mums who have undergone a c-section as it allows them to feed their little ones without actually leaving the bed. Its 3 in 1 one design includes bedside, bassinet and stand-alone. And last best thing about this crib: it has a zip-down mesh wall for instance access for feeding and soothing during the night. Suitable for babies aged up to 6 months.

cradle cradle cradle

#3. Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is another bedside crib that we absolutely adore. Mums who have undergone the c-section particularly appreciate it, because makes the night feeding sessions and tending to baby a lot easier. It also includes nightlight, 3 lullabies, 3 nature and womb sounds, 2 levels of vibration and a back to sleep reminder. Its design and 4 points structure adjusts to fit most beds. Suitable for babies up to 10 kg.

cradle cradle cradle

#4. BabyBjorn Cradle

If you are found of BabyBjorn design, you will love this Cradle. This Cradle comforts your baby with gentle rocking motions and is lightweight enough to be easily moved around your home. Its materials are delicate to your newborn skin and completely harmless to taste or chew. It is designed with a breathable mesh fabric that lets you keep an eye on your little one all the time. Also, as it is made entirely of fabric, so there are no bars or loose parts. We love it!

cradle cradle cradle

#5. Next2Me

Chicco’s Next2Me cradle lets you sleep next to your baby without the need to share the same bed. Again, it is ideal for new mums who have undergone a c-section and have difficulties getting up and bending over the crib. Night time feedings and soothings are definitely easier.
It is easily attached to any bad thanks to its special straps and adjustable height. And the best part is: thanks to its travel bag, you can take it along wherever you go! That way your little one can always sleep next to you.

cradle cradle

Hope we've helped! Good luck choosing your crib and congratulations on your baby!