15 Mar 2016

Do-It-Yourself Gift for Dad

Father's Day is just around the corner! If you still have no present nor idea for one, check out our 10 suggestions for fun and exciting DIY gifts....

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12 Feb 2016

Simple & Fun Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day is coming! Yes, it is mostly an “adult” holiday, but still it doesn’t mean that your little ones can’t have their share of fun. So, we have been searching for some creative and fun craft ideas for your kids which would make Valentine’s Day very special for them too....

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27 Jan 2016

8 Fabulous String Light Ideas

Christmas holidays are finished. Last week, while I was putting away my Christmas tree, I naturally came across the Christmas String Lights. Do you like them? Well I do. A lot! And not only during the Christmas holidays. I think they make a wonderful addition to ...

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18 Sep 2015

Cardboard Box Crafts

I have to admit, this is one DIY I have never tried out with my little ones, but I am sure I will in a very near future. Cardboard Box Crafts! Every now and then my house just fills with shoe or Amazon boxes and I have never really used them for anything else but storage, but these craft ...

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14 May 2015

Cleaning is fun!

There are times when us, moms, feel very frustrated with all the chores that must be done around the house, especially on days when our little ones are inspired to do just the opposite: make and leave mess. I am sure we all had those long talks with our kids why...

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1 Apr 2015

PLEASE LOOK, DON’T TOUCH: Printable stroller tag

These last few months have been very exciting when it comes to welcoming new babies into my family and friends’ circle. We’ve been having babies all over Europe and it’s been absolutely lovely receiving all those wonderful “baby news”. Nevertheless, I ...

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1 Mar 2015

Get inspired!

Once your baby has outgrown his/her crib you might begin to wonder about the ways to make them functional again. Crib is absolutely an endless source of inspiration. Sure, you can sell it or even give it away, but if you're like me, somebody who cherishes this piece of furniture, you might ...

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3 Dec 2014

Christmas Craft for Kids

We're getting closer to the holiday season, and it's time to pull out the festive decor! If you are a Christmas fan like me, you will love these simple, budget-friendly, yet beautiful Do-it-Yourself ideas for the Christmas decoration that you and your little ...

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